Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More Stash....

I admit it...I'm a stash whore.  Stash includes books, tools, beads, and artifacts.  I guess that's one of the reasons why I work full I can afford this obsession.

So here is Bead and Button Stash 2013...Part Deux.

Beads from JoAnne Zekowski
Heliodor from Kia.. These are really large.  I'm channeling Wilma Flintstone. 
Rough aquamarine from Kia
More Heliodor from Kia.
Disc beads by Angie Graham
Slag from Gary Wilson
I can't remember what these are but I loved the craters in them.

Cris brought me stash from Tuscon.  Ammonites...
...and fossilized shells
and she gave me a really cool coin from India.  I've since found two squares ones.  They come from the Mulwa Sultanate in medieval India



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Sammy said...

I think the jewelry is beautiful!