Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cataract Surgery

Yesterday, I had cataract surgery.  It's been coming on for about 2 years now.  I first noticed a small blurry spot in the middle of my vision and my readers were no longer working for the one fact that eye was getting stronger for reading.  Although my distance vision was vanishing.  I couldn't see large letters across the room but I could read the tiniest print.  That might not be so bad but that eye seemed to have a huge cloud in it. 

So I decided it was time to do something.  Yesterday I had surgery.  The actual procedure took about 15 minutes...not that I was really awake during it.  Everyone was wonderful...from the lady at registration, my pre-op nurse, the operating nurses, the post-op nurses....and of course my doctor.  They gave me just enough sedative that I don't really remember what happened after they wheeled my into surgery.  I talked to the nurses briefly, I remember them drapping my face and thinking I should open my eyes....although I couldn't.  I remember some light and then I remember the post-op nurse helping me off the bed into a chair.  The gave me juice and a danish and sent me home. 

Today I went back to get the bandages taken off.  Everything looks good so far.  There is some shimmering in my peripheral vision but that is normal and will go away.  Before surgery I couldn't see 5" high letters across the room.  Now I can see them with only a little blurring.  The healing process will take about 2-4 weeks but I'll be back to work on Tuesday. 

Quite an experience.  I'm getting lots of cuddle time with the cats and Lou is taking care of me....although he hasn't given me that foot rub I asked for.  Here is a pic of my new bionic eye....

I knew I was getting a lens implant but nobody told me that I was going to get a cat implanted in my eye cool is that.  Everybody's going to want one!!! 

Actually it's just the reflection of the iPhone...but it looks like a white cat....LOL.

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Barbara Briggs said...

Glad all went well, Gail. I just had my eyes tested and was told I have the start of a cataract in one eye, but that I probably won't need surgery for several years. However, I'm constantly feeling the need to clean my glasses, which makes me think it's not dirty glasses, but the beginning of the cataract that is causing the blurry vision. Getting old isn't for sissies!