Monday, March 4, 2013

More Patterns...

Patterns, patterns, patterns. I took a ton of pictures at the art museum. Here are a few more patterns and some more cool things.

Even the air grates are patterned.  I want these for my house.

An Iranian incense burner.  I want this for my house too.

It has inscriptions from the Koran around the neck and down the spine.

Textile patterns.

Part of a stained glass window.

Inscription on a medieval door.

Late 16th century Italian painting.

Close-up of the chain

Close-up of the lace.

Close-up of the jewelry.

16th century painting by Agnolo Bronzino

The lace is amazing.

16th century German painting


Part of a 16th century French tapestry

Saint Martin of Tours.  I want this for my house too.

Patterns on a stained glass window.

Cow skulls from a stained glass window.  These were great.

Detail on wooden doors.

Floor pattern in a painting

More stained glass.

Believe it or not...I still have more photos. 

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