Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another day at the Art Museum

Today our class went to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  We went there looking for patterns...and other cool things.  I'm enjoying spending my Saturdays at the museum.  I take in more when I spend short periods of time there.  I have a saturation limit of about 2 hours.  After that I glaze over. 

I loved this.  At first I thought this was "The Man in the Mask" type of torture helmet.  But is is just a jousting helmet. 

This had a great pattern across the visor

This is part gear head and part rooster.

The hilt of this sword has some great detail in it.  You have to see it close up.

The swords in the museum were used for decorative purposes rather than battle.

Decorative pistol.

The texture on the pistol grip.

Gunpowder flask
Closeup of the flaks

Detail on a gun barrel

Hilt of a sword

Armor...I could see this a modern day dress

Close-up of the breastplate.  The hooks were unique.

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