Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The D Word

Well we all know what the F word is....I drop F bombs all the time.  There is really no word like the F word to express how I feel sometimes.

And you might think you know what the D work is...but you don't.  It's Doodling.  I no longer doodle...I Zentangle.  I feel like I should spin across the room with a big swirly skirt when I say...ZENTANGLE.

Launie, my instructor, jokingly tells us she's not allowed to say the D work anymore.  Here are a few of the tangles we did this week.  These are a little rough because they are straight from my class sketchbook.  I need to find a block of time to practice the tangles I've learned so far.  Just like with the metal clay, this is a medium that puts you in a zone...hence the Zen.


Mary Newton Designs said...

They're addicting aren't they? I haven't taken a class but have found some demos on you-tube to get me started. I think they will be great for etching on metal.

Gail said...

I know Mary....they are very addicting. And etching on metal was exactly my thought :)