Saturday, February 23, 2013


The class I am all about drawing patterns.  Since I'm spending the weekend by myself I decided to go to the Cleveland Museum of Art after's just across the street from the CIA....that's Cleveland Institute of Art...not Central Intelligence Agency :)

It's a different experience when you go there looking for patterns.  You look at everything very close up.  Of course, I usually do that because my eyesight is getting bad.  In fact, one of the guards was watching me in the Piccaso exhibit.  I don't think she liked how close I had to get to the pieces just to see them in focus.

Below are some of the patterns I saw today.

I've always looked at this lion's head but never looked at the patterns that make up the mane, ears, and whiskers

I love this....if only they would let me bring in some molding compound :)

What you are looking at is the pattern projected on the wall by the lace sheet hanging in front of it.

Pattern on a Medieval door


Even the plants in the atrium have great pattern

I also had lunch at the museum.  They have both a cafeteria style cafe and a restaurant...with a bar!!  So I sat at the bar and had a fantastic shrimp and noodle salad with a spicy peanut sauce...yum.  You've got to love a museum with a bar in it!!

I finished off the afternoon by stopping by the Screw Factory to see Eva Sherman's new studio space.  Oh...I am so jealous.  It's huge and wonderful.  I wish I had that type of space.  Spent some time visiting witih Deb H. and Katie.  On the way out I noticed she had some fantastic strands roman glass she brought back from Tucson.  Of course I picked up a few.  I'm going to have to admire them for a while before I make anything with them.

Eva's bracelet and cuff were on the cover of the most recent issue of Art Jewelry.  She's very talented!!

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