Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm getting all "girled" up

It's going to be a busy weekend coming up.  I have a work party Saturday night.  This is no small party.  It's our entire Division and it will be at the Great Lakes Science Center

We do pretty good parties....food, drinks, dancing.  And for some reason I have decided to be a girl for the party.  You might be wondering what I am the rest of the time....mostly a tomboy.  I like wearing jeans and boots.  My most favorite store is Eddie Bauer....they get me. 

But I've got some bug about dressing up for this party. When I get dressed up it is usually in black pant suits or a very tailored black dress.  Well I jumped into the deep end of the pool this time....I bought a girly dress.  Real girly and a tad retro.  The lining underneath the skirt has netting sewn into it so it poofs out like a dress from the 50's. 

And of course I had to get a pair of shoes............. 

And a small clutch would be nice.  I want something that will pop against the green and white....I found this one.  It's a Bottega Veneta....for $1700...HA. I really would need a fairy godmother to afford this one.  I love it but I think I'll keep looking.  I do like the idea of orange. 

So it should be quite the night.  At midnight my coach will turn back into a pumpkin and my drivers back into mice.  And I will turn back into ....a tomboy!!



Susan Dilger said...

I TOTALLY love your vision!!! And the orange pop against the green/white is brilliant. Be sure to take a picture of the princess before she reverts, ok????? Gotta see it to believe it!!!! Have a BALL!!!

Karen Elmquist said...