Thursday, April 19, 2012

Butin de Guerre from Bead Paradise

That's actually "spoils of war"...which might apply if you have to wrestle beads out of the hands of the woman next to you :))  Don't put it past me!! 
Last Saturday Cris and I went to see Ruth at Bead Paradise....absolutely the most fabulous bead store I have ever visited.  I keep asking Ruth if I can have a slumber party there.  If you ever get anywhere even close to Ohio you need to go to this store.  And if you can't make it you can always shop on-line. 

So here's the butin de guerre....

A bevy of Buddha's in bezels just ready to hang

A really cool old brass necklace with pods.  This is very dangerous looking.  Don't hug anyone when you are wearing this.  Someone's gonna get hurt.

Vintage Czech glass

Ethiopian brass pendants and beads

Monkeys....I couldn't help myself

Loving the design on the lid of this box.   

Ebony inlaid with silver from Mali

Ethiopian prayer boxes


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