Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings....again

Maybe I'll make this a regular feature...Tuesday Ramblings.   A little of this...a little of that. 

Last week I was on a roll....being angry at our politicians and news people.  The first thing that set me off was a House Oversight committee on religious freedom and contraceptives.  The panel that was assembled was all men.  My reaction...quite bluntly was....WTF???  Where are the women??  If we are going to have a discussion of contraceptives....there must be women.  I'm getting the impression that some of our politicians want to take women back more than a few decades.  They behave as if it's their duty to speak for us rather than engaged us in the conversation. I'm old enough to know the frustration that comes with not being listened to or believed because I'm a woman.  I've never reacted well to this type of treatment.  I'm an "in your face" kind of girl and it's gets worse when I see things like this happening. 

The other thing that set me off was Fox News commentator Liz Trotta.  I don't watch Fox...I like objectivity in my news reporting.  What left me speechless was the phrase "raped too much".  It still has me speechless.  My mind just can't grasp the ignorance of this statement.  But you have to see/hear it yourself to believe it. 


There was another journalist I was angry with....Richard Florida.  Back in November I read his on-line article about how people in the Midwest are stuck.  His theory was that the only reason people live in the Midwest is that they don't have the resources to move to either the east or west coast.  So I commented on the article.  Something to the effect that we have good jobs, a good standard of living and are close to family and friends...in other words....we live here because we we choose to live here.  I found out later that my comment was referenced by Julie Irwin Zimmerman, a journalist from Cincinnati, who also disagreed with Florida and wrote an article about it.  Zimmerman's story was published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Sunday.  I had no idea it would show up in the local paper. It's a little disconcerting to see a comment made on-line end up in the local newspaper.   It's a good reminder that anythng you put on-line is out there for the world to see.

I'll get back to jewelry in the next few days.  I still need to finish cleaning the studio.  I have a few seedling ideas that I want to grow and some texture plates I want to make.  OHH....and I have some jewelry that is winging it's way to Scotland.  More about that later.

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