Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings....

How is it we are already in February?  HA...a common theme in this blog is how fast time flies.  And it does.  I had this discussion today with one of my employees.  He's been with us for 10 years.  That surprised him.  I've been in the same job for 15 years.  I guess I like it.  I guess my boss likes me. 

I received an Excellence Award today at work.  It was a surprise...a very nice one....it comes with $250.   My boss took the time to put down on paper all the reasons why he thought I should get the award.  That, to me, means more than the award or the cash.

I had my annual mammogram today.  OUCH...not really.  It's really not that bad.  When you get your first period people like to say you have become a woman.  But there are a number of milestones that mark being a woman.  Having children...one milestone that I've never reached...and never will at this point.  Getting your first mammogram is another one of those milestones. Usually I get called back for more images.  This was the first year that I had a clean exam the first time.  I had the mammogram and 1.5 hours later I had a message on my computer that it was negative.  We have an electronic chart at the hospital so as a patient you can login and see all your test results as soon as your physician releases them.  Not bad...from exam to result in 1.5 hours....not bad at all.

Pinterest....have any of you been looking at it or using it. The images on Pinterest are really amazing.  The great part about it is seeing so many images of things that you like.  Images that you may not have run across if it hadn't been for someone else pinning it to a board you are following.  The bad part is picture overload.  When I hooked up, it loaded in all my Facebook friends who have accounts and I was immediately follwing every board they had.  I want to see what inspires people, what jewelry they like, studio ideas, decorating ideas....but I don't necessarily want to see 20 pictures of green frogs.  You have to actively opt out of seeing friends boards.  I find it's high maintenance to filter out the things I don't want to see.  It's easier to "Unfollow" the pictorially prolific as a whole.  I haven't decided if I want to continue with Pinterest.

There are just too many social networking sites to keep up with.  I just now closed my LinkedIn account.  I never used this so there is no reason to have my information out there on yet another site. 

I'll leave you with a picture of Princess Sophie and her beautiful eyes.

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Barbara R said...

One thing I have been using Pinterest for is recipes. I have an account there that is just for recipes. Then I have boards for breads, cakes, desserts, soups, savory, drinks, etc. What's nice about this is that I can browse a category by thumbnails, letting a recipe visually appeal to me. This becomes troublesome when I want to pin a recipe with no picture.. so I'm kind of bending the use of Pinterest here, but it's been a fun experiment so far.