Monday, December 12, 2011


I sound like a broken record but the colors that come out of the kiln on the original bronze never ceases to amaze me.  It's the same carbon I have been using for 3+ years.  I let it sit out in the open and absorb everything in the laundry room.  My reward for this abuse is tons of color.

Of course a lot of it will disappear once I polish these.  But an underlayer of color will remain on the textured surfaces.

 Buddah has a broken neck.  I saw the crack when I was sanding this piece so I added clay to the back and a small snake to the front.  It still cracked a little when I fired it but without the extra clay it may have cracked wide open. I tried breaking it.  It's strong...just a happy accident to make it look old.

 This is the Parisii coin that I have been working with for a couple of years.  I first made it with a polymer clay texture sheet.  Back in October, Holly Gage came to town to teach her repousse class.  I decided to work with the coin again.  I made it in silver in class and now in bronze.  The next thing I want to do in repousse is the stylized horse that was on the other side of this coin.

This was a piece I had sitting on the bench for a while.  It has an African pattern on it but you can't see it because of all the color on the piece.


Mary Lou said...

Can't wait to see the horse Parisii coin image! Colors are fantastic....I really love your work, Gail!

Gail said...

Thanks Mary Lou!