Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12 years together

Well...really it's 24.  Lou and I have been together for 24 years...married for 12.  He asked me to marry him within the first year and I said "No... not yet".  He told me he wouldn't ask again.  So when I was finally ready... I started dropping hints...and more hints. 

He wasn't getting it??  He's not stupid....he just refused to ask me.  He finally said...."Do you want to get married...is that what you want?"  And I said "Yes"...and a few other choice words for yanking my chain. 

But we're like that...constantly teasing each other about something.  It's flirting.  We still flirt with each other after 24 years. 

This was a second marriage for both of us so we eloped... and got married in a cave north of Santa Fe.  We hiked 2 miles out into the desert to a place called Windows in the Earth. 

Inside this massive sandstone butte is a shrine.  It looks out over the Ojo Caliente River Valley and the Jemez Mountains. It's a beautiful place and it was a beautiful day.  The next day is snowed 2" so our timing was perfect.

It was just Lou and I....and the minister...and the photographer...and the videographer...and the woman who helped us plan it...and the van driver...and I think there was someone else.  All our closest friends....LOL.

Our finery for the day amounted to blue jeans and hiking boots....just like I wanted it.  I did manage to wear a pearl necklace and Mary, my friend from work, gave me an old handkerchief with blue embroidery to carry.

So last weekend we celebrated out time together, looked at the wedding pictures, and talked about everything we've done together...and what we want to do in the future. 


Roberta said...

Lovely wedding! Thanks for sharing.

Alice Walkowski said...

Very cool. Happy Anniversary!

sewingladiesdaughters said...

Brave souls asnd a beautiful concept. Not something for me. I can see why your jewelry is so creative. Lovely thoguht reviewing the photos and remembering.