Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good Theft vs. Bad Theft

Theft is never a good thing.  In the context that Austin Kleon uses the words "theft" and "steal"... they are more like hipster terms for where/how you find your inspiration and creativity. Austin is really interesting.  I've been following his Tumblr feed and I'm looking forward to his book "Steal Like an Artist"

People ask me where my inspiration comes from.  I think it comes from the sum total of everything I see, hear, smell, feel, read, love, etc.  It all goes into my brain and percolates somewhere in the dark cob-webbed corners and then comes tumbling out again when I sit down to create. 

Sometimes it's good, sometimes it bad.  We all strive for the good...for originality.

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Theresa said...

You and I spoke about this a few weekends ago and agreed completey about our sources of inspiration. Perhaps the people afraid to share their work/ideas view their own work not so much as their art as solely their livelihood. I think this is a needless fear, as proven by the proliferation of very talented, very generous artists who teach.