Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Cure for Black Friday...Salvation Army Saturday???

Getting pepper sprayed over discontinued toys.....rioting over $2 waffle irons....REALLY.  I find the whole phenomena of Black Friday disgusting.  Holiday shopping the day after Thanksgiving is nothing new, but the "Jerry Springer" mentality that a good portion of this country has....has brought it to new lows.  I mean really many of you are going to make waffles once you have that waffle iron.  Or are you more the type to pop an Eggo into the toaster.  The panic that occurs on Black Friday is something that is created by retailers, usually over stuff that nobody really needs. But we've been brought up on greed....he who has the most toys wins.  So masses of people go out to push, fight, pepper spray, and shoot our way through the crowds.  Not exactly what celebrating Thanksgiving is all about.   

I spent Black Friday cleaning out my closet. We all need to clean out our closets now and then.  I needed to get rid of clothes that no longer fit...but I usually clean it out once a year anyway.  So today I'm on my way to Savation Army to give away 5 bags of clothes.

What would happen in this country if we all cleaned out the "things" we no longer need or use and give them to a charity that could use them or resell them??  Or if you must go about giving an equal donation to charity??  I know, I bleeding heart is showing. 

But think about it....think about the change we could make in our country if we all just remembered that Thanksgiving is about family, giving thanks for what we have, and helping others who may not have anything. 

I'm loading the car up and I'm off to Salvation Army.  See you later.


Mary Newton Designs said...

Oh, yeah! Well said!

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

That's a wonderful idea. I just donated a carload to the goodwill yesterday and then I went in and bought a few things. It made me feel good to know that carload of stuff would brighten up other peoples day!