Sunday, October 9, 2011


You've heard me talk about the Bead and Button Show before.  I've been going to it for the last 8-9 years.  I've learned a lot of what I know from classes at this show.  I have friends around the country that I've met here....including my best friend Cris Leonard.  With Cris and I it was practically love at first sight.  We are so in tuned that the joke at the show is we are connected by an invisible umbilical cord.  Going back to the show every year is a wonderful combination of learning new things and catching up with old friends.

The June 2012 show will be a whole new experience.  Cris and I will be TEACHERS!!!  We submitted three classes and they have scheduled us in for FOUR.  They want us to teach one of them twice.  The show draws 14,000 people from all 50 states and 40 different countries.  It is the premiere show for this industry.  I'm stunned, giddy, honored, excited, speechless (well...maybe not speechless).  Cris called me on Friday to let me know and we were both screaming on the phone. 

It's going to be fun...because if there is anything that Cris and I are...when we are's FUN.  The classes are great.  We will teach students the basics...sawing, riveting, drilling, etching, texturing, patinas, and more.  Below are the pics for our classes.  Come join us.  Have some fun and learn a lot!!



Judy Freyer Thompson said...

Wow, Gail, this is great news! How exciting, congratulations are in order!!

Katie Hanrahan said...

YAY!!! You two are going to be awesome!! Those classes are going to be serious fun!! How cool for both of you!! Congrats!! I'll have to come to the classes so I can make faces at you guys while you're trying to teach. LOL!!

Gail said...

Thanks Judy!! Thanks Katie!!