Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Kiln Gods Must Have Been Feeling Blah.

I put a few things into the kiln last week and the result was all tans and pale greens.  I figured the kiln gods were feeling blah that day.  Or there is a possibility that the carbon was exhausted.  I remember being told that the carbon will eventually lose it's abiity to produce color.  So far I've not seen it.  I've had tans before and then have it produce amazing colors in the next batch. 

I picked up a fosillized sea urchin from Gary Wilson at Bead and Button and made two molds...the front and back. 

A couple of amulets that I molded. 

A couple of new shields.  The second one broke so I will see what I can do with it by lacing the top and bottom together.


Candice Kiesow said...

Oh Gail! After reading about leaving your carbon box in the laundry room, I put mine in there, and just fired a batch of bronze and the colors are AMAZING!! And this carbon is old--I ordered it after the PMC conference when Bill Struve gave a talk about his new invention--could that be 4 years ago? Anyway--it must be in the stars, I'm figuring! Or the gods must be crazy right now....

WHOIS BID said...

Good luck with the studio cleaning