Sunday, August 21, 2011

A clean studio

I've been cleaning up the studio....a reoccuring theme.  It never stays clean but it gets to a point where it is so disorganized that I have to clean it.  I found a new tool bag at Home Depot.  This one had all kinds of pockets so I could stand up my hammers and saws.  It makes it more convenient when I'm looking for something.

I also bought more hooks so I could hang up the strands of beads.  Lou took one look at this and told me I could start a bead store....if only he knew.

The workbench is so clean now that Sophie has a place to sit while I work at the other bench.



Roberta said...

We must have been on the same wave length today. I cleaned mine up as well. It was so bad that I could not think about anything but the mess!

Christals Creations said...

lol my husband knows just how many beads I have. He often carts them about for me. Though perhaps a craft mates bag, a stack em up tool store and a crate is a bit over the top. Hey i've been good and not bought new for ages. Except where a custom order dictated such. I love your tidy space. :o)