Monday, February 21, 2011

Cleveland Ice Storm

This is what Cleveland woke up to today. 

We woke up at 4:30 this morning to branches falling off the trees and smacking the house.  During the night we got freezing rain....a lot of freezing rain.  For an hour we kept jolting awake until finally there was so much noise on the roof that we both got wasn't Santa Claus and his reindeer. 

Lou walked outside and brought in a handful of branches that were coated in 1/4" of ice.  When the wind kicked up it was snapping off the branches and the weight of the ice was splitting trees in half.  We got lucky in that it didn't split any of our trees or have any large branches fall on Lou's car (we only have a 1 car garage and its mine...LOL).

Other's weren't so lucky.  Besides the down trees and branches there are 25,000 houses that don't have electricity.  We are on the good side of our street.  We are fine.  On the other side of the electricity since 4AM and the estimate is that they won't have power until Wednesday night. 

Wednesday it is suppose to be 36 degrees and 42 on Thursday.  Here's to Wednesday.

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For My Sweet Daughter said...

I have been where you are. Well your neighbors anyway. Last Feb 26th we lost power for 4 1/2 days due to downed trees for a bad ice storm.
Stay warm and check in with your neighbors if you know them they may need help or just some hot coffee ;-)