Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011

It's times like this that makes me wonder why I don't live further South.  But I've lived in Northeast Ohio all my life and you just learn to take it in stride an go on with your day.  Cleveland did not get hit as hard as some other parts of the country.  And I could have gone to work today without much trouble....but I woke up and decided it wasn't happening.  I e-mailed the boss (who was working from home today) and let him know I was taking a PTO day.  I curled up with the cats and enjoyed a little R&R.  Watched TV, watch a soldering DVD, enjoyed my jambalaya I made Monday night. 

Now the driveway is full of snow and the snowblower won't start.  Typical wouldn't start two weeks ago.  Normal people would have taken it for repair....not us.  And my in Vegas....with his golf clubs.  He actually extended his stay because they were cancelling all the flights.  He won't be home until tomorrow and by then I will have to go to work.  So tonight I backed my SUV out of the driveway.... multiple times to pack down driveway :))  Hey....why shovel when packing it down works just as well. 

Here are some amazing shots from around the country (found them on

 Do you remember the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"? Dennis Quaid played a climatologist who predicts climate change that freezes the entire northern US/Europe....there was a shot in the movie that showed a satellite image that looked alot like this.

Cars stranded on Lakeshore Drive in Chicago

 How many of you can make your car stand on it's head??

 This guy must really need to be somewhere!!

 The dog's name is Muldoon.  Muldoon's owner needs to be whipped for leaving him out in the snow while he went for a cup of coffee.

Things will get back to normal tomorrow.  I will go back to work, Lou will come home and we will just slog throught the next 6 weeks until it decided to become Spring once again.   Oh...and Punxsutawney shadow.....early spring.....I think it's time for some groundhog stew!!



Stacey Peterson said...

poor Muldoon. I'd like to open a can of whoop-ass on his owner!

Roberta said...

I cannot wait for spring. I loathe winter with all my might......stay warm