Wednesday, December 8, 2010 have to have stones to live in Cleveland

You know...stones, cajones, balls.  I refer to mine as virtual balls since I'm a girl.  But I do have them.  The weather today is all the least on the East Side.  I drove through white out conditions today to get to work and then watched all day as it continued to snow....and snow....and snow.  My boss, being a nice guy, let us go early today.  They area where I work is notorius for getting gridlocked.  There are over 13,000 employees on campus during the day and when it snows like this you need to get on the road before 4pm or you might be stuck until 8pm just trying to get out of the parking garages.  It is ridiculous.

This is a picture of the streets close to where I imagine it jammed packed with cars....going nowhere.  The problem is the people who insist on pulling into the intersection even though there is no place for them to go.  The light is green but traffic isn't moving (usually because someone has pulled into the intersection one light up).  But they charge into the intersection and when the light turns red they are blocking the traffic from moving in the other direction.  This happened at every light I stopped at today....and wasn't me doing it.  If these stupid asses would wait their turn...traffic would continue to move.  But at some point there is a critical mass of cars in the intersections and all traffic in the area comes to a stop. 

I made it out in time today and am curled up with the cats waiting on Lou.  He just called to say he moved 2 blocks in 20 minutes.

And the really funny part about all this is that once you get to around W. 65th, there is barely any snow on the ground and the freeway is moving at 80 mph.  Cleveland is like that.  We have a snow belt.  The east and southeast sides of Cleveland get slammed with snow.

So I'm sitting here waiting for Lou so we can go out to dinner.  I think I'll be waiting for awhile.

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