Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hot Tub in the Snow

The reason we went to Santa Fe was to celebrate Lou's birthday.  So we spent his day doing all the things he wanted to do.  The first was spend time at Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese spa.  We did a private outdoor hot tub, couples massage, and I had a facial.  It was still snowing so we had a great experience.  The snowflakes were falling and steam was rising off the hot tub.  It was gorgeous.

 The walk up to the spa....something like 80 steps up to pure bliss

 We were there first thing in the morning so I ran around and took some pictures.  I didn't want to freak out the guest by walking around with a camera.  This is the view just off the womens' locker room.  Since it's on the side of a mountain there are steps up to some of the hot tubs.

 The Koi Pond

 Even the fish were in the Holiday mood...."O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...."

 A lovely little statue covered in snow

 Waterfalls through the trees.

This was our hot tub....not so much a tub as a pool.

 There was a cold plunge next to the hot tub.  If you have the hop out of the hot tub and jump into the cold plunge which is filled with ice cold water.  I tried inching in....I think I made it up to my calves before I went back to the hot tub.  I guess that is why they tell you to jump in
Our sandals collecting snow. 

Later that day we went to dinner at Geronimos on Canyon Road.  A fabulous experience.  It's a beautiful restaurant and they treat you like royalty.  We were admiring some of the paintings on the walls and realized that Sam Shepard was sitting two tables away.  I didn't see him at first.  I was looking at the painting over his head and recognized his voice.  Cool....we had dinner with Sam least that's my story :))


Roberta said...

I have never been to Santa Fe, but your photos and commentary make me want to go. I was in Taos once about a zillion years ago but we never made it to Santa Fe. Why oh why?

Shahana said...

I guess the sandals which is standing properly isn't yours. :) This place is really nice. how much it cost?