Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back from the near-dead...

Wow....I don't ever want to have a stomach flu again. That was painful, draining (literally) and scary. You lose fluids faster than you can replace them...which is probably why I almost passed out.

Anyway, by Saturday I could eat a little although my stomach hurt. Sunday was much better. I went home to a family dinner. I was ravenous. I kept telling myself to eat slow, eat small. But I felt like a stray cat. Have you ever seen a stray eat. They hover over their food, eyes moving from side to side to see if anyone is going to take away the food...growling if something comes near. That is what I felt like. I filled up a giant plate and ate...and ate. It all tasted so good and I couldn't stop...stray cat syndrome....but I didn't growl or scratch anyone :))

I need to get back to the bench now that I know I"ll be doing a summer show. I'll get up there this weekend. I have no plans...YEAH!!


Cris Leonard said...

You got nailed for speeding??? That's what she said!

Cathy said...

wow Gail... that was quite a bug - glad to hear you're feeling better!!!