Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who Me??....Holy Crap!!

I've been so tired lately.... both physically and mentally. Work is just overwhelming. I've been too tired to do anything after work except curl up on the couch and sleep. But I think doing that for the last two weeks has done some good. Every once in a while I have this fantasy of just escaping from the world. Finding some cabin in the woods, someplace that I can just go to and "be". I think that's what I've been doing the last couple weeks....just coming home and "being".

I've made nice with the doc at work. We've worked together for 10 was hard to be so upset with him. He was out of town for a week and we had to e-mail with each other to get some work done. The e-mails gradually got more friendly. It's a good feeling to be talking to him again.

In these past two weeks I have been contemplating giving up doing shows. When it comes down to it they are a major pain in the butt. Hauling all the stuff around and setting up/tearing down. Getting ripped off and dealing with persnickety customers. The idea of giving it all up is really appealing. And while I have been brooding over this I have let most of the application deadlines go by.... except for one. Today I got an e-mail from Ohio Designer Craftsman. I got accepted into the Craft Fair at Hathaway Brown. It is my first outdoor craft fair and what I consider to be my first real art show (vs. holiday boutiques). So all those thoughts about giving this up.....WHO ME?? I'm really excited about this. At 50 I'm doing my first art show. Look out Julia Child (she was 50 when she published her first cookbook). Besides...this might be a foot in the door to the ODCs Winterfair in Columbus. That show is huge.

So now I'm going.....HOLY CRAP!! Inventory is way down. I need to get cracking. No more laying on the couch for me. I've got to get it in gear and produce. You might be thinking...but it's 2 months away. Designing takes time and these 2 months are going to fly by. I'll start to work tomorrow. Luckily I have so much raw material in inventory I can work the entire 2 months and only have to purchase minor findings.

BTW....I've have no experience doing a tent show. Anyone have any advice or tips for a novice.....send them my way.


Donna Picione said...

You do know that if you need any help you could call or email! I would love to help ........

The biggest piece of advise I can give you is to make sure your tent is weighted down!!

I have never applied to that show ...... good luck and let me know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

i used to do tent shows here in Texas...I liked taking a rolling set of drawers - you can get them at office supply, Lowe's, etc...they are white plastic w/ 4 or 5 drawers and roll on can keep all your scissors, tape, bags, boxes, money box, business cards in there - its like having a mini office on site...take your tools and extra jump rings/findings/stringing materials in case something comes loose or you needs to resize (which I hate doing, but sometimes it needs to be done)...bring a mirror so folks can see themselves...have vertical displays to people can see your wares when walking by...take a calculator and a tax cheat sheet for quick calculations...take a cooler w/ snacks and water - cheaper than eating the local messy greasy food...wear a hat if its gonna be sunny...don't put all your business cards out at once, keep some, how's that?