Thursday, August 30, 2007

Street Festival Resheduled and a Successful Home Showing

The Warehouse District Street Festival has been rescheduled for September 23rd.

I had a private home party last Friday. One of my friends from work (Effie) held it in her BEAUTIFUL home. I just wanted to move in permanently. I think it is the biggest house I have ever been in...and the most beautiful. Exquisitley decorated and immaculate!!! I don't know how she does it. She is my hero. She works a full time job at the hospital, takes care of 3 girls, and has this amazing house. Her girls are just amazing...Eleni, Sophia, and Victoria. They are gorgeous, smart and funny...and they love jewerly just like their Mom. She has a very nice husband (Jim) too. He was very gracious to have all these women in his house. THANKS to all of you. I had a very successful show.

Went to the baseball game last night with people from work. It was hot....90. The Indians won. Below are some pics. The Indians mascot is Slider, this big furry gender neurtal blob of fur. I have always wanted to be Slider for a day....a cool day. That suit would be unbearable in the heat. It looks like Sider has so much fun bouncing around the stadium goofing around with all the fans. I want to stand up on the dugout and dance as Slider. Maybe I'm a closet exhibitionist....nah. I've earned by beads in New Orleans so there is no closet involved.

I'm so glad it's the weekend. I have a party at my brother's on Saturday. He BBQ's chicken and home grown sweet corn. Everybody else brings a dish. Good food. We shoot off fireworks when
it gets dark to celebrate a good summer. I want to relax the rest of the weekend, make some jewelry and start getting ready for Paris!!!!

I added a Visitors Map to the Blog....but I'm afraid it will be empty....don't you always have this strange feeling like nobody reads your blog. I see people with 30,000+ hits. Don't think I will ever get that big. Probably all my hits will be me....god that's pathetic.

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