Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Icon....La Tour Eiffel

When the Eiffel Tower was built it was hated by just about everyone in Paris.  Today it is iconic.  Even the most jaded of people have to melt when they see the tower twinkling at night.

Gustave Eiffel

We took The Romance Tour of the Eiffel Tower.  This was our tour guide.  Cute as a button!!

Did I tell you he was cute??
Part of the tour was seeing the hydraulics that life the elevators.

Another part of the tour was getting to go up on the roof of the restaurant. 

The gold dome building is Les Invalides. Among other things it is the burial site of Napoleon

The Champ de Mars

Here he is Sweetie Pie in Paris

Panoramic shot on the tower. 

Across the Seine..The Trocadero

It's magical at night!!

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Alice Walkowski said...

Beautiful! What does the elevator look like? There's a wrought iron steam elevator in the building where my studio is located. Of course it is not working and never will be due to the cost, but I've been told that ours and the one in the Eiffel Tower are the only two in the world. John D Rockefeller built the National Transit Building where my studio is