Saturday, February 15, 2014

My new textures...

I finally have some pics of my new texture sheets at work.  I have fired a few loads of work and still have a few more.  Funny how the first few loads have reds in them and then the next few loads shifted to a bluish green.  I'll never understand why the colors shift.

The textures came out really nice. Creating a second batch of copper textures sheets with a deeper etch was the right thing to do. Although I went through a lot of copper and totally exhausted a gallon of ferric chloride, this deepth is just perfect for me.  Sometimes with a shallower depth the design gets lost on the piece when you look at it from a distance.

Unfortunately that big beautiful lentil bead blew out at the seams on the top and bottom.  I am not very good at getting a knife edge on lentil beads.  I usually square off the edge.  The edge on this bead came out really sharp but I was concerned with how little contact there was between the two sides.  I should have listened to that inner voice.  The bead is beautiful but blown out.

The other lentil bead in the picture...squared off the edge...came out perfect.  I think from now on, squared edge is how I will make these.

Below is a look at the texture after tumbling.  I always feel so bad tumbling these since it removes 99% of the color.

Next step is to put a black patina on these so the recessed areas really pop.

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Barbara Briggs said...

The kiln gods love you, Gail!