Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Funny last Saturday... I felt terrible with a cold but I needed something to do so I worked in the studio.  Played with some bronze.  I had etched up all that copper and I wanted to see what the designs were going to look like.  I also worked with some molds.

The good...the molds came out nicely.  But molds usually do.  I've been using the actual object that I molded to give the backside of the piece a mirror image design.

This came from a mold of an African gold weight.  This is the front side.

Back.  I like that it's not perfect.  And is has my fingerprints on it. 

Another gold weight mold

The one on the right shows the back side.

This came from a mold I made in a Holly Gage class.  This is from an ancient coin.  It's the head of Apollo.
The bad....The copper I etched looks really great but in my rush to etch all the sheets, I didn't etch them as deep as I wanted. They etched about the depth of a tear-away...which is OK but I was going for just a little bit of a deeper etch.

The ugly....well..I love the shape, love the texture and love the faux rivets.  But....the texture is too shallow and some of the faux rivets fell off.  I am going to try to attach and refire them.  If that doesn't work I will drill out the spots and add real rivets...maybe with some screws to make it different.

Well...back to the drawing board.  I am going to etch new sheets so I can get a deeper texture.

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