Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back in the saddle....

To be honest...I haven't worked in the studio since before June.  I've been away from it for 6 months.  No idea why.  At first it was to take a break and then I just got in a rut of coming home from work and sitting in front of the TV surfing the net....a really bad habit that I need to break. 

And then I saw a black-out poem by Austin Kleon...if you don't know Austin... you should check out his website.  A very techno-savvy, creative guy.

So off to the studio to PLAY.  I say PLAY... loudly.... because there are some who think if you refer to your art as "playing" then you are not serious.  I work at a serious job all day long.  When I get into the studio...I want to PLAY.  I want leave behind the rules and regulations I deal with everyday. I want to smile, laugh, sing, and have fun.  Serious and anal is the last thing I want to be.  Am I going to be a world-renowned artist??  Probably not....so very few of us ever will be.  I can practice my art, hone my skills, and have fun doing it....otherwise...why bother.  Life should be filled with joy whenever possible!!

Anyway....I didn't do anything ground-breaking.  I just pushed some clay into molds...but it was fun and I got back into it...and I had to start somewhere. 

Still getting amazing colors with my laundry room carbon

So now my challenge is to get into the studio at least a couple day a week.  I have some new textures I want to work with and some ideas for new pieces.

Speaking of pieces....when I was out in Santa Fe I picked up a few pieces for myself.  I don't buy jewelry often but when I do...hahaha...I sound like the Dos Equis beer guy....anyway...I buy from people that I admire.

So here are a few pieces I picked up.

Carolyn Morris Bach - this was my anniversary present.
Holly Masterson - this was present to myself

Victoria Stoll...um...another present for myself :))

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Catherine Witherell said...

I like it that you bought presents for yourself. That way you always know you're gonna love it. Nice choices!