Thursday, September 19, 2013


Since I decided not to do art shows I find this new found freedom to blog.  Not that I didn't have the time before, but mentally I am allowing myself the time to do other things...if that makes sense.  Before I was sitting here thinking I had to get into the studio and work (even though I didn't) and that kept me from doing other things because I felt guilty I wasn't in the studio.

I know...I'm weird.

But since I made my decision I find that I am blogging again and taking photos.  Here are a couple of etched brass bracelets with fine silver metal clay overlays.  I actually made these last year as samples for one of the classes that Cris and I taught at Bead and Button.  It such a fun class and was popular so we decided to offer it again this year.  The first pic are the samples I dug out of my jewelry collection.  The second pic is the class pic.

Speaking of jewelry collections.  Wouldn't it be fun to see what is in each other's jewelry drawers?...and what we wear on a regular basis!!  I have different pieces that I wear based on if I'm going to work or if I'm just bumming around.  Some pieces do double duty and some are strictly for work or special occasions.  That's not a bad idea for a future post.

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Patricia W. said...

No kidding--reading the end of this blog entry, I felt my ears to remember what earrings I'm wearing--they're a pair made by you (bought through Etsy a couple of years ago)!