Monday, December 31, 2012

Field Trip - Cleveland Museum of Art

I've been wanting to visit the art museum for a while.  They opened the new atrium a while ago and it has restored the flow of traffic through the museum.  It's gorgeous.  They also have a new gift store which has a fantastic selection of art books and gifts.

We went down to see the Wari: Lords of the Ancient Andies exhibit.  It focuses on the art of this civilization that existed in Peru between 600 and 1000. It's a great exhibit and fills 4 rooms.  The pictures are from the CMA website.

This urn is about 3 feet tall.  It's huge.  This piece was found in fragments and was reconstructed.

The tapestries and weavings were amazing.  Most of the pieces had ~250 threads per inch.

Silver warrior plaque

 Inlaid shell,wood, stone and silver.  This guy was little...about 5" tall.

  This is a handbag with real human hair.  It had coca leaves's an ancient coke bag.

I have to make the time to get down there more often.  It really is a great museum.

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