Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The rest of the stash

OK.  Now I have the time to show you the rest of the stash.  One of these days you will see me on an episode of Hoarders.  They won't be able to get in the door because of all the strands of beads I'll have hanging from the ceiling.  They will find me unconscious in my studio under a pile of Gary Wilson cabochons.  Whatever happens....don't let them take my beads!!!

Thai beads from The Bead Goes On 

 Rough emerald from Jewelry by Kia.  Unfortunately she doesn't have a website.  If you ever see her at a bead show... stop and talk to her.  She's very interesting and has some great gemstones.

 Amethyst from Kia.  These look like dinosaur teeth.

Heliodor from Kia.  These came out of Namibia.  I found a website that says Heliodor in Greek means gift from the sun.  The site also said the stone is used as a talisman for people named Hugh....go figure. 

 Leland Green from Gary Wilson.  It is slag glass that was dumped into Lake Michigan from the iron ore refineries in the 1800s.  Over the 4th I picked up bunch of stones from Lake Erie that look like they might be blue slag.

Ammonites from Gary

More slag.  These were drilled as beads and are so primitive

Kyanite from Soft Flex...Yum.  These are so pretty. 

Viking beads from my friend Karen Elmquist.  These are so rustic and primitive.  They go great with bronze.

Petrified palmwood, Sonoran sunrise and dalmation jasper from Joe Jelks of Horizon Mineral.  I picked these up at the PMC Conference.  

So much stash and so little time.  I need some very, very rich bazillionaire to support me in my quest to use up all my stash making jewelry.  Someone like Bill Gates.  Hey...Bill...don't you want to help support a lovely, young woman in her quest? 

OK, OK...maybe not so young.  OK, OK...maybe not so lovely.  How about an average looking middle aged women who is sick of working a day job and wants to spend the rest of her life exploring the depths of creativity.  I just need a couple million...a drop in the bucket for you Bill.  Bill...Bill...??


designer jewellery said...

Thai beads looks beautiful...

Garvani diamonds loose said...

I agree, they always look beautiful specially when they are crafted with love. Really Beautiful.