Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Irises...

The irises just keep blooming.  They must like the soil around here because they are really taking off this year.....which is surprising because we have a lot of clay.

This weekend I am doing a final pack for Bead and Button.  I have 6 containers filled with supplies for the classes.  I'm probably taking more than I need but I'd rather have more than find out I forgot something.  Lucky I'm driving. 

I also have to pack up the jewelry and table displays for Meet the Teachers.  I don't have as much jewelry made as I would like but I am taking pieces-parts to sell....after all.... this is a jewelry makers show.
And clothes....I have to pack up clothes....Tuesday I have an oil change....Wednesday I have a hair's going to be non-stop for the next few weeks .

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Katie Hanrahan said...

I will see you there!!