Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back from Santa Fe....

I had a great time in Santa Fe.  I came back a little run down...well maybe a lot run down.  I had a cold but that didn't stop me from going...but I felt the effects when I got home.  I went to work for three days then stayed home on Friday and slept.  And I slept alot today too.  I'm finally getting rid of the cold I've had for 2 weeks. 

Besides having fun with the girls and eating fabulous food.....I bought lots of beads to go with the bronze.


  Etched Agate




 Bauxite and shell

  Clay beads from Mali

And no bead shopping trip is complete without something from Gary Wilson.  I think Cris was the first one to say...."I wish I could quit you Gary Wilson".  Except for the trilobite...these are all beads or pendants.


 Petrified Palmwood

 Fossilized Turtle Shell...I love the texture on this.  I'm going to roll out a sheet of polymer clay and impress this into it for a texture sheet. 

 Petrified starfish and fossilized tree fern

 Pima Canyon conglomerate, petrified wood, and more tree fern

Fossilized sea urchin and more tree fern

 A few artifacts... a small brass bead from Ghanna and a double chameleon from Burkina Faso

And a few of my most favorite things.......

Viking beads from Karen Elmquist.  She hide these in my coat pocket and I didn't find them until I got the airport.  What a great surprise!!  These beads go great with the bronze.

Twisted bronze bracelets from Cris Leonard.  I'm into bracelets right now.  I love stacking multiple bracelets.  These are so cool!!  She slipped these on my wirst and I didn't even notice :))  LOL.

And a new messenger bag from Susan Dilger and Taos Edge.  This is so cool.  The dragonflly has a skull head and the latin reads..."The unknow is maginificent".  I was able to put everything in this bag for the flight home. 


Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

So much yummy new stuff! Awesome.

Kristi Bowman said...

I love all your treasures, the firt thing I thought when I saw that fossilized turtle shell was TEXTURE!! Wonderful! I hope you're feeling better!

Susan Dilger said...

SOOO great seeing you in Santa Fe!!! And thanks for sharing your "treasures" with us. The beads will ROCK that bronze!!! And so glad you love you new bag. It looked great on you!!! xo

Susan Dilger said...

SOOO happy to see you in Santa Fe!!!! Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. Those beads will ROCK that bronze!!!
And so glad you like your new dragonfly bag! It looked great on you!

Vickie Hallmark said...

Great haul! Can't wait to see these pieces in jewelry.

Eva Sherman said...

Love all the new stuff, especially the etched agate!!!

Barbara Briggs said...

You sure found some gorgeous beads! How did you like working with Glass Clay? I've been tempted but haven't gotten around to exploring with it.