Wednesday, January 4, 2012

11 days of nothing....

I recently had 11 days off from work and now I'm trying to remember what exactly I did during that time.  Of course we did go through Christmas and New Year's.  But with 11 days off I should have been able to remodel the house, design 2-3 new jewelry lines, write a book....or at least read one. 

What did I do??? I relaxed...big time.  I slept...something I'm very good at.  I watched movies.  I played way way too much Angry Birds.  I found some really cool things on Etsy (just got a shipment of clay Buddha pendants from Thailand today).  I did start formulating some ideas about new pieces of jewelry.  And I've narrowed down some colors for the bedroom...finally.

I was going to rip out the carpeting but then decided it's better to leave it down since we are going to paint.  Better to spill paint on the old carpeting.  I was going to start painting the ceiling but then realized that I want a new ceiling fixture.  Best to replace that first.

So I've got a starting point and hopefully this weekend we will start on remodeling the bedroom.  The color palette is based on this picture from Olympic paints.  I'll use two colors on the walls...earthy cane and willow tree...both earthy greens.  Now I have to talk Lou into painting this weekend.


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Christals Creations said...

It's a lovely picture. Good luck with the redecorating. :o)