Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book Review: 500 Silver Jewelry Designs

To start with....this is a gorgeous book...just like all the 500's.  My only disappointment is that there are no pieces made with metal clay....at least none that could be readily identified as such...which is a shame because there are many metal clay artists that I think belong in a book like this.  But this is a collection of "top studio artists" and it has a decidely modern art flavor to it. 

The pieces run the spectrum from very wearable to those that I couldn't figure out what they were let alone how you would wear it....the  '"l'art pour l'art'' pieces....like a silver spinal cord, a ring that takes two hands to wear, a silver wire mohawk.  

Like modern art, there are pieces that I really like and others that make me sit and scratch my head.  But I find it's the head-scratchers that I keep coming back to...the ones that challenge my views on what makes something a piece of art and what makes it a piece of jewelry.  I like having this book in my library for that reason alone.

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Philippa said...

Thanks for the comment you left on our blog, "Parisian Fields." We wandered over to your blog and were really impressed with your work. We can imagine this jewellery selling in a Paris boutique...