Sunday, August 29, 2010

Near Eastern Treasures from the CMA

"The Stargazer", 3000 B.C. from Western Anatolia (now part of Turkey)

An Assyrian relief, from ~860 BC, close-ups below

Zebu and Bear Woman Vessels from 1000 BC Iran

Egyptian Relief

Sekhmet, 1300 BC, Egypt

5th Century BC, Greece

Bronze Necklace, 8th Century BC, Greece

Another beautiful bronze.  Wish I had molding compound for that angel head!!!

Arched sistrum....musical rattle to calm the gods. Hathor is depicted on the front of this with Bastet sitting in the arch...again...where's the molding compound??

Egyptian relief from 1200 BC....with graffiti??  See the close-up below.  Where did that scratched  cat/bird come from?  Could that be ancient grafitti??


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