Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kitty in a Basket

My cuddly kitty, Sophie.  I was in Lou's Cave and heard noises behind me and turned around to find her in the basket.  She is so sweet. 

I was in the studio tonight and she jumped up on the desk and sat down on top of everything that I was working on.  She isn't happy with just sitting nearby....she has to sit on top of everything.  Eventually she ended up under the desk by my feet. 

I partially loaded up the car tonight.  Lou think's I'm nuts carrying this stuff around for two days but I wanted to get all the tent related stuff loaded so I dont have to think about it anymore.  I wll spend tomorrow and Thursday night getting last minute pieces made.

The weather is stiffling but is suppose to break late Thursday or Friday morning.  But then there will be storms on Friday.  Hopefully they will not be a problem for the show.  It's starts at 3PM on Friday. 

So anyone in Cleveland stop on down to the Cain Park Arts Festival.  It is a great show!! 150 artists over three days.


Donna Picione said...

Good Luck this weekend! Wish I could come visit but I'll be at St Johns .........

Gail said...

Thanks Donna!! Good Luck to you at St. Johns!!

Nancy said...

Good Luck, Gail. By the way, I just watched a "South Park" episode you need to see. It's called "Somewhere Wall-Mart, This Way Comes". You would like it -- they find the "heart" and destroy it (lots of references to the Matrix in there as well).