Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bella Art Bench....very cool

I had a chance to talk to two very cool girls....Rosie Wendel and Bev Perina in one of my classes at Santa Fe (a class that never happened...but that's another story). They came into the room and whipped out these art benches. Being a tool whore...they instantly had my attention.

It unfolds like a gameboard. It includes a powerstrip that hooks onto the bench in the upper right hand corner, a magnetic strip in the upper left hand corner with metal containers, a 12" metal ruler which is also held to the bench with magnets, and a tool rack which can be placed on either the right or left hand side. We've all experience the flimsy convention center tables that bounce up and down when you try to do any type of hammering. This bench provides a nice solid work surface. It's also good at home if you work on the dining room I do at times. You can pick it up and move it....easy peasy.

If you're interested, they retail for $89.50. You can get yours by contacting the girls at

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Donna Picione said...

Did you have a great time? What did you learn? Are you doing Mrs Claus' closet?