Saturday, November 10, 2007

Show Update

Last weeks show was a good one. I have money to pay off my "bead bills". It was sooo much better than the show in October. I get repeat business at Mrs. Claus' Closet. People came back to the both to tell me that they bought from me before and they get lots of compliments on their jewerly. That always feels good. I had one women who couldn't afford to buy a piece because of her personal finances, but she came to the booth 3 times and kept saying... "you're killing me"...which I took as a huge compliment. I had another woman show up 5 minutes before the end of the show (just like she did last year) and bought a necklace and matching bracelet. She told me that my jewelry makes her hyperventilate....and she was :))

I had a chance to visit with Donna Picione from Chelle's Closet. She is always next to me and we get along so well. She told me she only does this show so we can see each other :)) She is part of the reason I keep returning. She makes wonderful jumpers and hats for little girls. Her granddaughter Michaela is featured on her website. Across from us was Annette Corrao who makes stuffed dolls. She made one of Regis Philbin and he had it on his show. She also directs high school plays in Lorain....and in her spare time she "punks up" hair. About 4PM we got bored and the crowd had thinned out at the show....Annette punked up Donna's hair....and boy did the guys like the hairdo. I think she got hit on about a dozen least 10 of those were by the pottery boy who was exhibiting out in the hallway. We had fun.

I don't usually buy things at these shows...primarily because I don't have anyone to cover the booth so I don't get a chance to walk around. This time I breezed around the show before it started Wednesday morning. One of Donna's friends...Judy...make wreathes and trees and I found nice 4ft christmas tree with 2 stacked snowmen. With just the two of us at home, we don't usually set up a Christmas tree anymore. This will be our tree from now on and there's no needles to clean up. I already have it set up in the living room.

I also bought a French Santa (Pere Noel) from Annette. Of course he has a beret, his beard is wrapped around his neck like a scarf, and he's carrying a yule log and a bottle of wine. Pere Noel leaves presents for good little girls and boys and Pere Fouettard gives spankings....hmmm do I want goodies or spankings???? Oh Santa!!!!!

I have another show this Sunday at Landerhaven on the east side of Cleveland. I am hoping this will be a big one. It's the first time I'm exhibiting there. People have been telling me it is a great show...lots of buyers. So I am spending my evenings this week making new designs. Below are a few of the pieces. My photography sucks. After my last show (November 30th) I plan to open an Etsy shop so I need to work on taking better pictures.

It's back to Santa's Workshop for me to make more bangles and baubbles for the holidays.

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