Sunday, September 23, 2007


She was my companion for 21 years. She would sit with me in the morning while I got ready for work. She demanded attention from me whenever I came home. She laid on the bed with me while I read at night...curled up in a ball...every once in a while peeking out to make sure I was still there. She survived my being in Paris...probably better than I did. We had 3 good days with her since we've been back. Today she had such a hard time walking and couldn't seem to settle down in any one spot. Pacing back and forth trying to find some comfortable spot. Her meow's were more like moans...the kind of sounds that you know come from pain. We made the hard decision to put her to sleep. I know it was the right decision but it hurts so much to know that I won't see or touch her again. We buried her in the backyard and place a large stone on her grave. Next spring I will create a flower garden around her.


cristina Leonard said...

I am so sorry.

Misplaced said...

Very very sad. shes a beautful kitty