Monday, June 25, 2007

Where has June gone

OMG...where did the month go?? Why does time go much faster when your older than when you were young. I remember being about 8 years old and thinking that I was never going to grow up fast enough. Now I just want to put the brakes on. Days disappear into weeks and months and I wonder where it all went to. I did manage to take some pics of the beads I got at B&B.

Michele Goldstein the skeletons and bones!!!! She's so cool!!!

Gail Crossman Moore...great bead...bad picture. This is the one Michele says needs Viagra.

Larry Brickman Bead...this thing is the size of a tennis ball.....about a pound of glass in this. This will be a showpiece in my studio.

Stephanie Sersich Bead

I finished a bracelet for a customer using these beads by the fabulous Donna Mehnert. Missed her at B&B this year.

Time to go...I cleaned the garage after I got home from work and I am beat. Everything on me aches. Time for some ibuprofen and to crawl into bed for a long night's sleep. Besides...there is a really bad Jean-Claude Van Damme movie on (that's redundant isn't it). I'm losing brain cells.

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meesh said...

you're so cool!